About EuroFranchise Lawyers

Our members are the leading franchise lawyers in Europe. Membership of the EFL group is by invitation and a rigorous approval process is undertaken. Our members are regularly invited to speak at franchise lawyers conferences throughout the world, have written articles in leading franchise publications and are highly rated in franchise lawyer surveys.


Franchising in Europe

Franchisors are increasingly taking a pan-European approach to franchise expansion, but franchisors have to adapt not only to the legal framework of the European Union, but also to the legal framework of each independent European state. As the leading franchise lawyers in Europe, we have worked together on numerous projects and we meet regularly to keep abreast of legal developments for franchising in European countries. This makes it easier for us to offer franchise legal expertise wherever you establish your franchise in Europe.

In the regular meetings of the group, legal developments throughout Europe and best practises in developing international franchise organisations are discussed and analysed. Through our close and regular contact, members of the group are not only colleagues, but enjoy working together!