Olivier Binder

Main Focus

Counseling, advisory and crisis management, mediation, arbitration and litigation, in the following keys area of expertise:
Franchising (legal organization and system structuring, agreements, dispute resolution)
Retail/Distribution (e.g., exclusive and selective distribution, commission-based affiliation, license, concession, cooperation agreements, commercial contracts)
Competition law (e.g., restrictive practices and unfair competition / antitrust before competition authorities)
Commercial real estate and lease, for both distribution networks and investment funds


French, English


Graduated with a postgraduate degree in private law from the University of Paris II, 1972
Executive MBA from HEC Business institute, 1989

Professional Experience

CVS Law firm (CORNET-VINCENT-SEGUREL), since 2022
Partner with HERALD Law firm formely named GRANRUT Avocats, 2010-2022
Founding partner of CEJEF-ALEXEN Law firm, 1991-2009


Member of the French Franchise Federation (“FFF”) panel of experts
Registered arbitrator with the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris
Member of the ACE (French Lawyer’s Association of Business)
Former member as legal expert of the European Franchise Federation
Former member of the UNIDROIT Study Committee (UN-Rome), participating in the drafting of an international law model regarding disclosure of pre-contractual information 


Contribution to a collective book: Le concept franchisable (the Franchise concept), on the chapter “Dossier d'information pré-contractuelle : le devoir du franchiseur d'informer / l'obligation du franchisé de s'informer” - (Pre-contractual information file: the franchisor's duty to inform / the franchisee's obligation to inform itself), published by FFF, 2010
Contribution to a collective book: Le défi de la réussite partagée (the challenge for shared success), on the chapter “ clause compromissoire ou clause d’attribution de compétence judiciaire”- (arbitration clause or courts juridiction clause), published by FFF, 2012
Termination of commercial distribution/franchise relationship: compliance with the contractual notice period and obligation of good faith during the termination process
Is the concept of “significant imbalance” introduced into the Civil Code, likely to weaken the franchise contract, in which clauses have not been subject to negotiation?
Remedies for damages caused by infringements of competition law
Franchising in Europe, comparative survey, French chapter EFL


Frequent participant and regular speaker at joint seminars organized by IBA/IFA
Lecturer in seminars/conferences (FFF, IBA/IFA)