About EuroFranchise Lawyers

Members of EFL are the leading franchise lawyers in Europe and have undertaken research on the issue of disclosure of information to prospective franchisees. This is an important area because there remains substantial uncertainty as to whether franchisors should or should not disclose information to prospective franchisees in Europe and, if they should, precisely what information should be disclosed.

European Franchising

Europe is becoming more of a united market when it comes to franchising. Yet, franchisors have to adapt not only to the legal framework of the European Union but also to the legal framework of each independent European state. As the leading franchise lawyers of Europe, we have decided to work together to make it easier for franchisors and their advisors to get franchise expertise and legal knowledge wherever you establish your franchise in Europe.


Through our cooperation we can provide a seamless legal service across Europe. If you expand your franchise system from one country to another in Europe or if you come from overseas, we are always ready to help you. By starting your franchise initiative with any EuroFranchise Lawyer you can be certain that you are covered in your expansion throughout Europe. We work by the same methods which will facilitate your expansion, you will not have to start over each time you reach a border. We provide a seamless legal service across Europe for franchisors and their advisors.





Per aspera ad astra

"Through hardships to the stars"